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We are fueled by a start-up spirit—on a mission to create forward-thinking beauty. We embrace, include, accept, and celebrate the entire kaleidoscope of humanity. Our energetic and agile environment empowers everyone to grow and develop holistically, beyond a traditional, linear career map. Our internships span the different, unique functions that make up our organization, including: Marketing, Sales, Logistics & Planning, Finance, IT, HRM, Legal, Procurement, Research & Development, Production, Engineering, and Communication & PR.

“Those who find their 'why' and understand their 'how' are those who will shape the world.” – Sue Y. Nabi, Coty CEO

The world needs Fearless Kindness, Forward-Thinkers, and Co-Creators. 

What Coty offers

An internship at Coty is an opportunity for emerging leaders in their respective fields to gain valuable skills while supporting the work of a leading global beauty powerhouse.

Through programs like Coty Academy—a self-guided, digital learning platform—live classes with Coty trainers, and experiential, on-the-job learning and guidance from top industry experts, interns are empowered to fast-track their professional development and careers.

We provide unparalleled hands-on learning experiences and a growth environment; our most successful interns are those who proactively take advantage of these offerings to bloom.

Mentorship and Guidance

Coty interns are set up for success through our mentorship program, which gives them direct access to top experts—including their managers and team— a rare opportunity to work with leaders in the field. Mentors and their peers provide interns support and guidance throughout their internships.

Intern cohorts are full of hand-selected, highly qualified, and motivated students with diverse backgrounds. This provides each intern an opportunity to connect and establish a top-notch professional network of current and developing leaders in the beauty industry and their dream functions.

Reflection, feedback, and learning are essential to Coty’s internship culture; HR and your business leaders will create memorable moments for reflection and feedback to help you learn the value you bring and your purpose in our organization and empower you to be a beauty industry changemaker. Because we believe: “Those who find their ‘why’ and understand their ‘how’ are those who will shape the world.”

Career Opportunities

At Coty, we are fearlessly kind— to ourselves, others, and the planet. We believe beauty begins inside each of us and we want to unleash this transformational beauty by empowering our different talents through training and development.

A growth mindset is critical to our culture of progress; therefore, we aim to provide every employee with a personalized development journey from day one. At Coty, we will challenge you to grow with the company and we encourage all our employees to step out of their comfort zones to grow both personally and professionally.

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